Friday 30 January 2015

Various Options of Extruder Screens provided by the Manufacturer

Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer provides various types of filters for different industrial applications. The Polymer filter and extruder screens are the two major types of filtration products available in the market. The extruder screens are widely used in the fiber and polymer processing. They are majorly used in the filtration process, which includes finishing and recycling materials.

The Leading Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer with years of experience in the industry provides various choices of filters for the fiber and polymer industries. They offer both standard and custom products designed perfectly to meet various industrial requirements. They further ensure on-time delivery of the products to the customers.

The Best Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer also offers other wide range of products like; wire cloth and wire mesh screens for virgin plastic production and plastic recycling processes. They further manufacture gaskets and screens for the synthetic fiber production.

Various types of Extruder Screens:
The extruder screens come in various designs to fit different filters and screen changers. The Extruder Screens Filter Belts Supplier offers any types of screens to the customers according to the specific requirements. Some of the main types of extruder screens include:

  • Auto Screen belts: Feature rubbed edges. These are the Reverse Dutch weave belts serving various industrial applications
  • Custom Filters: The Leading Extruder Screens Filter Belts Supplier offers custom filters to meet any specific application as required by the customers. Be it a replacement part or original equipment design, these custom filters will perfectly the machinery process. Moreover, the custom filters come in different material choices, weaves and finishes, which also influences the prices.
  • Cylindrical Extruder Screen: This type is used majorly for the extrusion process. This type come with different mesh options offering even or lower pressure drop.
  • Weld packs: The weld packs feature easy insertion of replacement screen into screen changer. This is done by eliminating the pack assemblies. By using the weld packs, the manufacturers and reduce the production and labor costs.
  • Gaskets and Frame Packs: Frame packs provide stainless steel or aluminum, binder, which seals around the diameter of breaker plate or screen pack. The manufacturers will provide multitude mesh combinations and ensures optimal efficiency.
    Other Choices of Extruder Screens:
    The Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer is highly committed to ensuring quality and meets production timeline. They further have an extensive range of tooling including fabricating machinery and punch discs. 
    The manufacturer further offers an extended line of extruder screens that can be used for any standard applications. They can be used for specialized operational requirements.
Some of the other choices of extruder screens are:
  • Cut piece screen: Available in any shape, size and performs accurately and quickly
  • Cylinder screen packs: This come in both single and multiple layers in the extrusion process. It helps getting the pressure required for efficient functioning and filters impurities.
  • Spot welded extruder screens: This type also, features aluminium bound frame packs which are spot welded together at a precise point, therefore the polymer flow is not disturbed. This choice of extruder screen will ease the operation and assures firm process control.


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