Friday 13 February 2015

Choosing the Right Extruder Screens for Industrial Purposes – How to Buy from the Manufacturers

Single and Multilayer Extruder Screen manufacturer specialize in manufacturing various types of extruder screens made from top grade anti-corrosive materials. These extruder screens are made from different material choices like nickel alloy, stainless steel, galvanized steel and others.
The extruder screens are considered to be an imperative part of extrusion and melt filtration process. It helps prevent the mixing of various foreign particles and provides the clean extrusion for the materials like rubber and plastic processing.

The leading Single and Multilayer Extruder Screen manufacturer have years of experience in manufacturing the extruder screens that can used for various applications. They offer the products in various sizes and types like spot welded multilayer screen, single screen and metal rimmed extruder screen packs.

The manufacturers also offer single and multilayer extruder screens in various shapes as required by the customers. Based on the specific requirements of the customers and industrial purposes the Single and Multilayer Extruder Screen Supplier can offer a wide range of products.

The types of extruder screens offered by the best Single and Multilayer Extruder Screen manufacturer are of high quality and they are also available at competitive prices.

You can find the leading Single and Multilayer Extruder Screen Supplier online, capable of offering any choices of extruder screens.

Different properties of Extruder Screens:
  • Accuracy in dimension
  • Top grade quality wire mesh
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Multilayer screens come with a symmetrical arrangement of wire mesh
  • Features uniform spot welding
  • Comes with burr free edges
  • Features a perfect surface finish
Specifications of Extruder Screens: 
The extruder screens play an integral part in the filtration process. It is mostly used in the rubber and plastic filtration process machinery, specifically to ensure the viable and clean extrusion. These extruder screens are available in different weaves, material choices and different micron ratings suit various usages. They are also available in different sizes and shapes.

Some of the key specifications of extruder screens are:
  • Available in both single and multilayer
  • Available in different material choices like brass wire mesh woven, stainless steel wire mesh and more
  • Available in various styles like twill mesh, plan steel wire mesh and more
  • Comes in different shapes like oval, round, disc, cones, circle and in many other specified or required shapes
  • The spot weld packs come with compressed edges
  • Come with or without borders or frame
  • Come in 2,3,4 or 5 layers and even in more numbers of layers 
Applications of Extruder Screens
  • The single and multilayer extruder screens are used in various extrusion processes
  • They are used in various process for top quality plastic, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, chemical, beverage, aeronautic and even in water treatment plant industries
  • They are also widely used in mechanical and food processing applications
  • It is used to prevent contamination of in melted mass when the extrusion is in process
  • It helps keeping foreign particles away in the final product
The extruder screens offered by the suppliers are sturdy, strong and convenient for any types of filtering processes.

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