Friday 20 February 2015

Manufacturing of Quality Extruder Screens – Filter Belts from Leading Manufacturer

The extruder screens are the filtration products manufactured by the Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer in the industry. These filtration products are widely used in the fiber and polymer processing. They come in different choices, finishes. The extruder screens are involved majorly in filter processing and recycling of materials. The Leading Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer with years of experience manufacture extruder screens filter belts in a customized manner to meet the individual industrial demands.

The extruder screen filter belts are very important component in the melt filtration process. These filtration products are used in rubber and plastic processing machineries and they ensure viable and clean extrusion of the materials.

Features of Extruder Screens Filter Belts: 
Best Extruder Screens Filter Belts manufacturer offers a wide range of products for different industrial usages. Some of the key features of the extruder screens are:
  • Made of quality raw materials like brass, stainless steel
  • Come in single or multilayer
  • Come in different shapes like oval, cones, disc, circle, round and many other shapes
  • It helps improving mixing and product purity
  • Helps reduce the maintenance costs
  • Comes to the smooth screening surface
  • There are no sharp edges or acute angles
  • Available in different specifications, sizes and variants
  • Comes with robust structure
  • Have the higher filtration capacity
  • They are anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive
  • Offers optimum cost-performance ratio
Quality Filter Belts from the Extruder Screens Filter Belts Supplier: 
The Leading Extruder Screens Filter Belts Supplier offers different products for screen changers. These filter belts are made of stainless steel wire cloth, which support continuous screen changes.
The manufacturers also offer wire cloth filter belts made from high tensile wire and they are suitable for effectively screening foreign particles from the molten plastic.

Key Specification of Filter Belts for Extruder Screens:
  • Some of the key specifications include:
  • Made of quality stainless steel materials
  • They are woven into the reverse Dutch weave pattern
  • Come in various size options like 72 × 15 mesh, 48 × 10 mesh, 132 × 14 mesh, , 152 × 24, 152 × 30, 260 × 40, 250 × 40 and 400 × 120 mesh
  • Come in width option 100 mm to 1200 mm
  • Come in length 10m to 30 m
  • Filter belts are also available in various sizes
Automatic Filters Belt: 
This is another best choice of filter belt used for industrial purposes. These belts have good resistance to corrosion, soda, acid and high temperature.

The use of reverse Dutch weave further provides greater strength to the filtration belt. These products are widely used in melt filtration and extrusion of plastic. The belts are also available in different styles to suit specific industrial requirements.

Some of the different types of Filters Products
  • Auto screen belts: Features reverse Dutch weave
  • Cylindrical Extruder screens: Used mainly for extrusion purpose
  • Custom Filters: This helps meeting specific application and requirements
  • Weld Packs: Helps in easy insertion and replacement of the screen into screen changer. It eliminates pack assemblies.
  • Frame Packs and Gaskets: This provides stainless steel or aluminium binder as the seal around screen pack outside diameter.

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