Tuesday 9 December 2014

Gaskets – Ample Material Choices and Selection Guide from the Manufacturer

Gaskets, also known as joints or seals are classified differently by the materials used, their functions and applications. Gaskets are the flexible material that sits between two surfaces. They are manufactured using soft materials like rubber.

The main purpose of using gasket is to seal pipes and prevent leakage of liquids. They also have other applications like mounting and anti vibration. Based on the specific requirements of clients, gaskets manufacturer produces customizable products.

Types of Gaskets:

There are different types of gaskets made of various materials. They are also manufactured ensuring their resistance to chemicals, acids, heat and pressure. Some of the commonly manufactured type of gaskets includes:
  • Rubber gasket: Soft materials used for various applications like pipe gaskets, heat exchangers
  • Non-asbestos gaskets: Manufactured using compressed fiber and used in high steam, water, acid and oil
  • Cork gaskets: This is the natural cork manufactured with Elastoplast bindings to give high compression and flexibility

Finding the Best Gasket Manufacturer, India:

Besides buying different types of gaskets, the most important thing to be taken into consideration is, finding the best gaskets manufacturer. There are many best gaskets manufacturers India, who make your task challenging to identify the right one. However, their expertise and quality assurance will be the major criteria to find the leading gaskets manufacturers from India Here are some key elements to consider choosing the leading Gaskets manufacturer:
  • The manufacturer must excel in manufacturing copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloy gaskets
  • They must practice advanced techniques and methods to manufacture gaskets
  • They must have years of experiencing, which enables them to quickly and precisely understand customer’s expectations
  • They must be capable of manufacturing gaskets for various applications, environments and conditions

The job not only ends finding a gasket manufacturer, but also involves finding the right gaskets supplier.
Here are some other factors to keep in mind while buying the gaskets from the leading gaskets supplier:
  • Technology: Advanced technology must be used for manufacturing gaskets
  • Specialist: They must be a specialist with expert knowledge of seals and gaskets
  • Samples: They must be willing to provide samples and offer part-prototyping
  • Ensure quality: This is very important to ensure ISO quality products
  • Accountability: Manufacturer and supplier must offer complete material and gasket traceability

Besides ensuring these elements, it is also important that leading gaskets suppliers India also retains a strong customer relationship and have a good reputation among existing customers in building the same.

Other key factors to consider while buying gaskets:

In addition to knowing and considering the above said elements, it is also imperative to consider the following factors:
  • Surface finish of the gaskets
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Yield strength
  • Material choice and quality
  • Tensile strength

The manufacturer must use raw materials from the genuine source and provide certified material testing report when the customer request form.

The manufacturer must also be willing to share certain technical terms with the customers like providing sample, technical drawing or provide electronic drawing like DXF or CAD files, which gives a better understanding to the customers about their exact expectation and requirement. This avoids the chances of misunderstanding and manufacture right dimension and material, gasket products according to the specific industrial need.


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