Monday 29 December 2014

What are the Types of Filters and their usage in various applications?

From ancient days, man has been separated fluids and solids using various techniques in filtration methods. The technological advancements have evolved many new techniques in this field.

Filters are being used in homes, schools, offices, manufacturing units, business establishments, large industries and factories for various purposes. Many filtering devices are in the market to fulfill each of the need with various types and models. A filter manufacturer will procure the best and quality spare parts from wholesalers and will successfully produce the devices and tools required for this process.

Filtration process, which separates fluids such as liquid, supercritical fluid or gas and particles, must not be confused with sieving, adsorption and magnetic removal of contaminants. Though the main aim is the separation of substances, there are many methods available depending on target material. The final aim is achieved by interacting between the objects to be removed and the filter. India has the best companies that manufacture filter elements with the state-of-the-art units. The filter media is produced in stainless steel, sintered fiber web and weaving wire cloth. Metallic fiber felt cylindrical filters and pleated filter elements are some of the elements in filtration process that are produced separately by manufacturers.

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Some Industrial Filters and their applications:
Industrial filters have to be manufactured using extensive processes to enable trapping of particles with high load capacity. The Leading filter manufacturer has to follow the industry standards to satisfy the quality requirements.

Fine Filters: 
These large air filters are used in places where high capacity to hold dust and low maintenance is required such as cinema halls, offices, automobile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

HVAC Filters: 
These heating, ventilating and air-conditioning devices are perfect fittings for places that need to maintain a clean environment. This is ideal for indoors and in vehicles. Various names used for them by filters supplier are:

  • Deep Pleat Filter
  • Mini Pleat Filter
  • Panel Filter
  • Pocket Filter
  • Pre Filter
  • FRP Coated Air Filter

Carbon Filters:
These are used to remove odor, color and unwanted chlorine from water. They are used largely in applications such as
  • Oil Removal
  • Potable Water
  • Chemical Plants
  • Boiler Feed
  • Effluent Plants

People can easily purchase this type from the Leading Filters Supplier through online shopping and manual modes.

HEPA Filters:
These types of filters are suitable to remove harmful particles, especially those emitted from radioactive substances. The Best Filters manufacturer will automatically produce them with a capacity to trap 99.97% particles that have 0.3 microns diameter according to ASHARE testing.
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Laminar flow workstations
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Bio Hazard Atmosphere
  • Atomic research
  • Bio Safe Hood
  • Genetic & biological research
  • Hospital Operation Theatres and Intensive care units
  • Clean rooms for electronic assembly and production using micro components

Air Filters:
Any Best Filters supplier in India will mostly deal with these types of devices. Some varieties are:
  • Washable Air Filters
  • Air Pad Filters
  • Air & Oil Filters
  • Polyurethane Air Filter
  • Pleat Lock Air Filter
  • Unbreakable Air Pad Filter


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