Thursday 18 December 2014

The Importance of Choosing the Right Industrial Filter Manufacturer

The role of a filter in various industrial processes is very important but this aspect is always underestimated by many resulting in lower quality of products and services. This is where the choice of the right Filter manufacturer plays a vital role.

There are numerous industries where filters are needed for some reason or the other. Some industries which you may be aware of are:
  • Food and beverage
  • Wine making
  • Air purifiers
  • Air conditioner
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Fuel distribution systems
  • Mining
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Chemical processing and many more...
It is evident from the above mentioned areas that wrong filtration will have a chain of negative impacts for the manufacturer and the end user of the product.

Types of Filters
The following are the common types of industrial filters used, but any Leading Filter manufacturer will go beyond these and even customize solutions for you.
  • Air Filters: These are also known as air intake elements which s the name suggests will remove all the impurities when air is passed through them. These are usually a type of polypropylene or polyethylene mesh
  • Bag filters: these are used in industries where any type of liquid may be needed to be purified. It removes large solids from the liquid
  • Hydraulic Filters: These are widely used in the petroleum industry as well as some other industries. These filters are usually cylinder shaped and will have holes running along the side
  • High Efficiency particulate Air Filters: These are also air filters, but of a more advanced type where not only are the impurities cleared but also odors and un-required gases
  • Panel Filters: This is plane shaped and commonly seen in air conditioners
  • Absorption Elements: As the name suggests, this filter will absorb all impurities from a liquid when it is dropped into it.
How to Choose the Best Filters manufacturer
  • Pay attention to Ratings and Certifications: Ensure that you contact only those suppliers or manufacturers that have international certifications such as ISO. This will ensure that you are dealing with a professional company and not a new kid on the block. After all, improperly filtering in say for example in food and beverage can even be dangerous!
  • What are customers saying: In today’s technology savvy world you can easily do some background check from the comforts of your air-conditioned office before purchasing. Hence, search the net for any mention of bad reviews of a particular Filters Supplier. There are so many blogs and forums that will have negative or positive posts about the supplier you were planning to pick so do not make any hasty decisions. Even if a company is declaring themselves as the Leading Filters Supplier you must do your own checking around
  • Infrastructure: Whenever you contact a filter manufacturer, you must also know about his or her infrastructure. How large is the manufacturing facilities, what kinds of machines are being used and how large is the workforce. This information will help you to determine whether your orders will be delivered on time or not and of course also assure you of the quality.
  • Customization: Remember the Best Filter Supplier understands that companies operating in the same industry can also have unique needs and thus are willing to customize according to your requirements
  • Rates: This is an important criterion but it should not be considered in isolation but rather as a combination with quality for making the best judgment.

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